Fail Fast - Fail Safe

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Fail Fast - Fail Safe

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It’s time to harness the power of failure so you can think, learn and work differently.  Stop the crash and burn approach and start making failure work for you now.

The most successful people and organizations know the secret to success is harnessing failure to drive their innovation. “Fail Fast – Fail Safe” gets to the bottom of why we need to fail and gives you powerful models to learn and innovate faster. 

How can you grow by learning from failure? Why is curiosity and seeking out failure a good thing? How can your organization use failure to build stronger innovative solutions?  Get the insights into changing the perception of failure for both an individual and your entire organization. Learn the tools and techniques that will help you find a safe place to land when failure strikes.  

“Fail Fast – Fail Safe” pulls from over 30 years of our Fortune 100 experience as managers, C-level leaders, instructors, coaches, and keynote speakers to give you key insights on how to harness failure and  achieve your desired results.

Authors: Paul Crosby & Robert Prentiss
382 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9975408-3-3 (First Edition)


  1. Introducing Failure

  2. Learning from Failure

  3. Curiosity and Failure

  4. Challenging Your Organization to Work with Failure

  5. Fail Fast Model: Part 1 - Initiate

  6. Fail Fast Model: Part 2 - Experiment

  7. Fail Fast Model: Part 3 - Realization & Walking Through the Fail Fast Model

  8. Fail Safe Model

  9. The Fear Model

  10. Agile & Failure

  11. Putting Fun in Failure

  12. Think, Learn, Work Differently

  13. About the Authors