The long awaited book from Bob the BA is here! 

The first in the series of books from Bob the BA is finally here!  Engaging, humorous and sometimes not quite suitable for work, Little Slices of BIG Truths looks at the skills every professional needs to have to think, learn and work differently.  

Customer Reviews

“Bob is an excellent instructor and shares his knowledge with solid (and often hilarious) examples. This book will improve your abilities as a BA, providing you with real-worl solutions and advice. I can't say enough wonderful things about Bob!"

“Humorous and on the mark – one of the best books on Business Analysis I’ve read!”
“I saw Bob’s presentation on Crucial Conversations and was blown away by his energy.  Bob’s book builds on his presentation - I’m so glad I bought the book!”
“Chapter 9 is the best chapter!  Awesome book!”

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Little Slices of BIG Truths
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