Crucial Conversations


Let’s face it, there are just some conversations that you don’t want to have. There are some people you simply don’t want to talk to, but what happens when we don’t have these conversations? Everyone loses! It is perfectly natural for us to avoid difficult conversations. We fear rejection, retaliation, emotional outbreaks, the dismissal of our ideas, and of course those incredibly awkward moments.  However, these conversations need to be had and if we want healthy, productive teams and projects, crucial conversations must be had frequently. 

We need to start having meaningful, persuasive conversations that make an impact. You need your ideas to be heard, and more importantly you need behaviors to change. Don’t you think its time you start having more crucial conversations?  In this dynamic and highly interactive class you will be able to start having the conversations you know that both you and your organization needs to foster teamwork, collaboration and behavior change.

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  • -How to deal with difficult situations using an approach to crucial/critical conversations
  • Improve engagement and dialog between individuals and teams
  • Understand and use techniques, skills and tools that work together to enable successful crucial/critical conversations
  • Learn tools that will help you communicate in critical situations
  • Create an environment to increase trust and change behaviors


  • What crucial/critical conversations are
  • Learn an approach to have a crucial/critical conversation with anyone
  • Recognizing you need the conversation
  • Learn types of different conversations
  • Key concepts for the conversation
  • Understand different types of people in the conversations
  • Stakeholder analysis to assist with the conversation
  • Understand how influence  impacts the conversation
  • Learn tools/techniques for use during the conversation
  • A model for having the conversation
  • Practice having crucial/critical conversations

Internationally Endorsed and Aligned with Best Practices

business analyst IIBA endorsed education provider

Bob the BA is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.  This course is aligned with the BABOK 3.0.

Earn PDU / CDUs for both IIBA and PMI certification or recertification.