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Strategic Digital Transformation (Virtual - Online)

Strategic Digital Transformation

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There is one little secret that everyone should know about digital transformation and why only 10-15% of companies are getting it right. Strategy and analysis go hand in hand to transform or optimize an organization fully. Almost half of CIOs surveyed think they should identify where transformation should occur but leaders from other parts of the business aren’t sure. Real transformation requires a strong business vision developed by robust Strategic Analysis that drives changes to existing capabilities and develops new ones. In this workshop we learn how to use 12 new techniques that create new opportunities for innovation, optimization, and transformation. Get hands on experience in using these techniques to build your transformational and Innovation goals. Learn how to evaluate emerging technologies and aligning them to the organization’s vision. Learn to how to take and organize your analysis and package it for approval.

Instructor: Paul Crosby

IIBA Endorsed Education Provider

This 1-day course will earn 7 Professional Development hours that can be used towards meeting your PMI and IIBA certifications. This is an instructor-led interactive course.


Our goal at Bob the BA is to help you think, learn and work differently so you can make an impact back on the job. If you always do what you have always done, you will end up right where you were before you were trained right?  So at Bob the BA, we take a different approach because we know we learn best by doing and not through lecture. Our courses are always hands-on, practicing through exercises, activities, facilitated discussions, case studies, role play, workshops, printed materials and presentations.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone that is interested in approaches to digital transformation for any type of organization.

Course Length



  • Learn about the different types of transformation and how to effectively develop a strategic business vision - build enterprise goals and objectives that are measurable and meaningful

  • Understand transformational scanning and how to use it for applying cutting edge technology and innovative strategies to achieve the business mission

  • Understanding how to build the case for a transformation by aligning the transformation with business goals and objectives

Course Topics

  • Digital Transformation Definition

  • Types of Digital Transformation

  • The Relationship Between Digital Transformation and Strategic Enterprise Analysis

  • Digital Transformation Myths

  • Digital Transformation Approach

  • Identify Problems for transformation

  • Identify Opportunities for transformation

  • Environmental Scanning and Analysis

  • Spectrum Mapping and Analysis

  • NiPiT Technique for Opportunity and Problem Analysis

  • Benchmarking and Market Analysis

  • Job Shadowing and Analysis

  • Customer Journey Map Creation and Analysis

  • Capabilities Complexity and Impact Chart

  • Mind the Gaps

  • Creating a Vision for Transformation

  • Transformation Prioritization – Creating Prioritization Criteria and Using Common Prioritization Techniques

  • Creating Transformation Goals Clearly

  • Closing Gaps

  • Problem and Opportunity Statements

  • POV – Point of View and Setting Expectations

  • Success Criteria Definition

  • Good Measurements for Success Criteria

  • Resource Audits – Traditional and Non-Traditional Approaches

  • Presenting Transformation Targets and Analysis Results

  • Agile Vision Boards

  • Business Canvas Modeling