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The Agile Product Owner (Virtual - Online)

Business Analyst Product Owner


This two-day course teaches the foundations of Agile and how a Product Owner interacts with Agile teams. You will learn Product Owner approaches, techniques and skills across Scrum, Kanban and hybrid environments.  You will learn how to manage stakeholders and deal with the artifacts and ceremonies of Agile.  This highly interactive approach will utilize exercises, in-depth discussions, and workshops in an Agile setting.  This course will assist you to align your Agile environment to meet the market demand of modern Agile teams. The goal is to develop excellent Agile Product Owner skills that will lead to successful and profitable products.


  • How to work more effectively with your Agile development teams

  • Increase your effectiveness as a Product Owner and/or team contributor

  • Understand roles and responsibilities of the team

  • Learn how to drive and own business value

  • Understand Agile ceremonies, artifacts, and structure

  • Understand the limits of using a proxy as Product Owner

Course Topics

  • An overview of Agile basics

  • The role of the Product Owner on an Agile team

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the team

  • Creating your product vision and your roadmap to success

  • Personas

  • Backlog creation

  • Story mapping – transform themes and epics into usable stories

  • Prioritization and Grooming of the Backlog

  • Acceptance Criteria

  • Definition of Done

  • Agile Documentation

  • Agile Release Management

  • Agile Release Planning

  • The role of the Product Owner in design workshops

  • Product Owner proxies

  • How to become an extraordinary Product Owner