Feedback From Our Students

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Bob the BA courses!

Loved Bob! One of the few class that kept my attention and I didn't dread everyday.

Loved Bob's enthusiasm, singing and ability to keep everyone engaged.  The class strengthened my ability to distinguish the difference between business requirements & functional requirements.

This class showed me my worth.

I learned a lot that I will definitely use on the job.

I enjoyed Bob's High energy.

I look forward to using many of the tool and being part of the cultural change, especially replacing excessive text with images that clarify details and relationships of information.

I had some trepidation about this course before hand, but I am glad I attended!  I feel re-energized about being a BA and look forward to putting some new techniques into practice!

"I have taken several classes from Bob and each one has been very valuable to me. The concepts I have learned from these training classes have greatly contributed to my skillset and given me valuable tools to add to my toolbox. I will definitely be taking more classes from Bob and his team."

Summer Hogan

Thank you for tailoring it to us and not just spitting out the info.  Much more helpful!

A+++++ Lots of fun and informative.

I immediately implemented some of the after class one day.  They work!!!