Business Process Improvement Course

Description: Business Process Improvement is the corner stone to optimizing business processes that better serve your organization’s customers. Process improvement drives cost reduction, accelerated performance, and improved customer service. Business runs on process and process runs the business. This course explores business process improvement techniques and how to apply them to your organizational processes, outlining key tasks and steps needed for process improvement, and defining the success factors for business process improvement efforts and projects. Our business process improvement model is practical, simple and straight forward, providing a methodology neutral approach for greater process improvement success. Attendees will easily apply the skills and techniques learned in this course back on the job with practical hands on examples to bring process improvement theory and techniques into the real world.

Length: 1-Day

CDU/PDU: Earn 7 CDU/PDU for both IIBA and PMI certification

Perquisites: We recommend the Introduction to Business Analysis course or equivalent experience.

Intended Audience: Anyone looking to advance business process improvement efforts and projects in their organization.  Business process improvement is a core area of knowledge for all Business Analysts.  


  • Define business process Improvement

  • Understand the need for business process improvement

  • Understanding techniques for business process documentation

  • Getting comfortable with documenting the right level of process improvement

  • Understand the process improvement steps

  • Process metric definition, data collection, analysis and reporting

  • Understand when and when not to pursue the potential improvement

  • Visualization of the process current state and potential outcomes

  • Prioritization of process improvement activities to set expectations

  • Realize process improvements and measurement of their success

Course Topics

  • Why is business process improvement needed?

  • Discuss and determine key attributes of ineffective and inefficient business processes

  • Justification of business process improvement activities

  • Understanding current and future state metrics for measurements

  • Understanding the cost of quality in business process improvement

  • Practical framework and approach to process improvement

  • Looking at standard process diagrams to drive process improvement investigation

    • Process map

    • Swim lane

    • SIPOC

    • Value stream

    • Spaghetti diagram

    • Activity diagram

    • State diagram

    • Hierarchy

  • Documenting process inputs, rules and outputs to find improvements

  • Process metrics definition and measurement – why metrics are important to business process improvement, what they are, how to find them, how to report on them, how to communicate them

  • Analysis of process issues to determine root cause and key changes needed

  • Techniques for analyzing process metrics: scatter chart, graphs

  • Understanding that people aren’t the problem

  • Getting to the root cause of process issues by exploration, root cause verification and process inconsistency

  • Determining the point when process improvement provides a diminishing return

  • Business process design

  • Approaches to recommending process changes

  • Setting expectations for planned improvements

  • Implementation strategies for planned improvements

  • Organizational change management strategies and techniques for process improvement implementations

business analyst IIBA endorsed education provider

The Uncommon League is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.  This course is aligned with the BABOK 3.0.

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