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Top 10 Best Business Analyst Boot Camps

The Uncommon League and Bob the BA are listed as one of the Top 10 Business Analyst boot camps by CIO Magazine. See why year over year training from The Uncommon League is so amazing.


Learn modern and collaborative analysis techniques and get the foundations of business analysis with our 10-day Business Analysis Certificate program for individuals or organization.

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Modern Collaborative Techniques - Interactive Learning

At the Uncommon League, we are all about modern collaborative learning to provide you with innovative and effective techniques that help drive your career and organization forward. Contact us today to see why investing in The Uncommon League is your best training choice for your career and your organization or team.


Read what students are saying about our boot camps:

I had some trepidation about this course before hand, but I am glad I attended!  I feel re-energized about being a BA and look forward to putting some new techniques into practice!

- Barbra, Senior Business Analyst

I immediately implemented some of the technical techniques after class. They work!!!

- JT, Business Analyst

After one course with the Uncommon League - it was really informative and interactive. I’m a loyal fan!

- Colin, Senior Business Analyst

All the great material in our boot camps is also in our business analyst courses! Check out our upcoming courses on the right hand side of the page. Our instructor lead virtual training starts at $189 - now that’s affordable.


Customized Training for Your Entire Team

We offer customized Boot Camps for your organization that meet your training objectives at affordable pricing. Let’s talk now.


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