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5 Common Pitfalls in Current State Analysis

5 Common Pitfalls in Current State Analysis

Understanding the current state is arguably the biggest step for a Business Analyst or Product Owner on a new project to take. Projects, processes, and systems have a rich history that is typically complex. The larger the organization, the more complexity that is in play. User perceptions, stakeholder expectations, the political landscape and many other factors help or hinder the ability of the Business Analyst to acquire an understanding of the current state.

Scope Visualization: Moving to the Same Beat

Scope Visualization:  Moving to the Same Beat

That beautiful context diagram you created is truly a work of art.  The color, shapes and words all carefully chosen and displayed like the Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum in Paris.  As the old story goes, “You’ll have to forgive me I’m in a hurry – I’m double parked outside the Louvre”.  If you are the least bit French, you’ll get it.  It’s always faster, faster and even faster these days.  So how do you communicate project scope or context in a world where everyone has a 3 second attention span?

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Strategic Enterprise Analysis

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