24 Project and Process Management Conferences for Q3-Q4 2019

One of the top questions people ask us is which conferences we plan to go to and which ones we find the most valuable. There are dozens of conferences in our industry, and some certainly stand out above the rest. Unfortunately, we can’t go to every conference in the business process and business analyst field with dates overlapping or within a few days of each other.

However, we’ve compiled this master list of 24 amazing conferences that run between June and the end of 2019. They are specifically for project management professionals and other leaders in the industry. Find an event that works with your calendar and is in your region. You’re sure to enjoy learning from the best and growing your skillset to improve your business!

Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference

June 3-5, San Diego

Located in San Diego, California from June 3-5, the Gartner Tech Growth & Innovation Conference will highlight the top disruptive technologies changing your market and provide insight into those in which you should invest to optimize your business processes.

Gartner prides itself on its deep insights and in-depth analysis. It curates insights from more than 380,000 client interactions each year, including those from over 130,000 senior executives. This means the information at this conference is data-backed and valuable for all who attend.

Project Management in Practice

June 13-14, Boston

Located in Boston, Massachusetts June 13-14, the Project Management in Practice conference will feature two presentations: the PM Talent Triangle and Agile Project Management. This is an exceptionally affordable conference, and attendees can stay in the Boston University apartments for less than $100 per night. The 2018 event was sold out and the first 100 attendees to register in 2019 will receive an extra discount.

Intelligent Automation Financial Services

July 8-10, London

This conference runs from July 8-10 in London, England. Automation is one of the top priorities for 80 percent of C-level executives, especially in the financial services industry. The Intelligent Automation Financial Services conference will review the governance of adding AI technology to your business and how to do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt existing processes and resources. Several of the top global banking and financial institutions will be featured speakers or will be represented to discuss their processes.

Lean Coaching Summit

July 31-Aug. 1, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Attend the Lean Coaching Summit in Jekyll Island, Georgia from July 31-Aug. 1 by LeanFrontiers and the Lean Enterprise Institute. There are also additional optional workshops on July 30. This conference is for executives and managers who are guiding their teams through lean transformations and changes in project management. Sessions include changing team members into team leaders and discussions around whether continuous improvement is safe for your company.


Aug. 5-9, Washington, D.C.

You can attend Agile2019, presented by the Agile Alliance, from Aug. 5-9 in Washington, D.C. This is a place where agile ideas can grow, and professionals can test theories and gain insights from others who have similar goals, questions and drive for their own companies. The various tracks to choose from include insights for agile companies, agile foundations, agile governments, and agile data metrics and forecasting. It’s rare to find a conference so completely tailored to your needs.

BPM 2019

Sept. 1-6, Vienna

This year, BPM 2019 will be in Vienna, Austria, from Sept. 1- 6. The University of Vienna and the University of Economics and Business have partnered to bring this conference to life, creating a welcoming and academic feel to the presentations.

BPM 2019 will have similar tracks, demonstrations and discussions as BPM 2018, with two notable exceptions. There will be the International Blockchain Forum, introduced by popular demand, and the first Central and Eastern European Forum. The latter is a nod to the conference’s location in Austria to highlight nearby countries and the work they do.


Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference

Sept. 23-25, Houston

From Sept. 23-25, the Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference is taking over Houston, Texas. The goal of this conference is to share organizational transformation discoveries with other business professionals who want to use lean and six sigma policies in their own companies. Conference developers are reviewing abstracts by potential speakers and will announce the lineup shortly. This is a great way to see real examples of change through six sigma in action.  

Business Analysis Conference Europe

Sept. 23-25, London

Attend the Business Analysis Conference Europe from Sept. 23-25 in London, England. The goal of this conference is to grow the business analysis profession. Developed by practitioners for practitioners, the content is updated every year to make the information more valuable for attendees. There are tracks related to BA core skills, BAs as trusted advisors, and BAs in the digital world.

31st IPMA World Congress

Sept. 30-Oct. 2, Mexico

The IPMA World Congress has a strong track record of focusing on project, program and portfolio management. It has been bringing professionals from more than 70 countries together to review how they run their businesses and take steps toward process improvement. The conference runs from Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. This year’s theme is Integrating Sustainability into Project Management with tracks related to clean energy, the environment, SMART cities, agribusiness and education. The conference promises to be inspiring and informative.  

Agile Cambridge

Oct. 2-4, Cambridge

Agile Cambridge is one of the top agile and lean software development conferences in England. This conference runs from Oct. 2-4 and attracts project decision-makers from across the country and abroad. They are currently developing their speaker list for 2019, but their speakers in past events have been inspiring and informative, which is why many attendees return to Cambridge each year for this event.


Process and Performance Management Conference

Oct. 3-4, Houston

From Oct. 3-4, more than 250 process practitioners will converge on Houston, Texas for the 2019 APQC Process and Performance Management Conference. The goals of this conference are to develop the skills to advocate for business process investment, make changes in your company, and make sure those changes last with a strong infrastructure.

This year’s theme is “Driving Value End-to-End.” With 73 percent of organizations saying they want to break down silos in their organizations, business process leaders can look ahead to the future of their workplaces and adjust their businesses where each department works together to help the business achieve its goals.

PMI Global Conference

Oct. 5-7, Philadelphia

Attend the PMI Global Conference from Oct. 5-7 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are also pre and post-conference events that you can attend, extending your experience to more than a week. This conference is the flagship event of PMI Global, and thousands of process and project management professionals attend each year. It’s a great opportunity to flex your networking skills and get in-depth information from some of the top minds in the industry.

ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld Boston

Oct. 7-10, Boston

Our team will be attending Project Summit / BA World Boston, which will bring together PMs, BAs, IT experts and project directors — among other — for a productive week in New England. On October 9, members of The Uncommon League will host three separate workshops:

  • Jennifer Battan and Paul Crosby will host a workshop on how project managers and business analysts work together on agile project.

  • Bob Prentiss will host a workshop on the technical details of digital transformation.

  • Vincent Mirabelli will host a workshop on design thinking and how it applies to customer experiences and process improvement.


Oct. 17, London

For one day this fall, PMO practitioners can attend a comprehensive no sales conference with some of the best professionals in the field. FuturePMO is located in London on Oct. 17. Past attendees have enjoyed the conference because the focus isn’t on collecting attendee information and booth representatives selling their products or services. Instead, attendees dig deep into the material to push the boundaries of your PMO thinking.

Digital PM Summit

Oct. 20-22, Orlando

The Bureau of Digital is hosting its Digital PM Summit in Orlando, Florida from Oct. 20-22. They advertise this conference as a top event for professionals who manage digital projects. The focus is project management: keeping your team engaged, managing clients, and balancing your budget. Some of the key speakers come from Mosaic, Huge, Inc. and Monotype.

AIPM National Conference

Oct. 20-22, Melbourne

The Australian Institute of Project Management is holding its annual conference in Melbourne, from Oct. 20-22. Not only is this conference valuable for anyone who uses basic project management principles through their day, it is also one of the biggest PM conferences in Australia. Before you go, sign up for and attend webinars to familiarize yourself with the speakers and the topics to be discussed.

Attendees have access to conference materials for six months after they attend the event, so they can keep learning and referencing the content as they apply the ideas to their own businesses.


Lean Product and Process Development Exchange

Oct. 21-24, Jekyll Island, Georgia

This LPPDE North America conference balances workshops with presentations to create an engaging experience where each topic is presented differently. The goal of the Lean Product and Process Development Exchange is to provide insights on lean process and product development to attendees. You can attend this conference from Oct. 21-24 at Jekyll Island, Georgia. This is a diverse program meant for both beginners and experts in the field.  

The Uncommon Conference

Oct. 22, Minneapolis

Okay this is a shameless plug for our own The Uncommon Conference. We just couldn’t resist to let you know the Uncommon League does have a conference. Discover the conference experience reimagined by the great folks at The Uncommon League. Hands on interactive fast paced learning without all that shuffling from room to room. Our amazing industry experts are ready to help you think, learn, and work differently as a business professional. Be sure to check out The Uncommon Ground in the middle of it all to get your questions answered and help with those analysis roadblocks.

DevOps Enterprise Summit

Oct. 28-30, Las Vegas

Visit Las Vegas from Oct. 28-30 for the DevOps Enterprise Summit. This immersive conference is attended predominantly by managers and executives (making up 34 percent and 30 percent of attendees respectively) along with developers, engineers and architects. This means that you will be networking with other people in leadership roles who develop and guide projects to completion. The 2019 agenda will be posted soon.  

ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld Vancouver

Oct. 28-31, Vancouver

There are several ProjectWorld conferences throughout the year, but one of the top ones to attend this fall runs from Oct. 28-31 in Vancouver, Canada. Our team will be there among more than 40 educational sessions with 30 different speakers. Ninety-five percent of past attendees have said they would attend the ProjectWorld*BusinessAnalystWorld conference again, speaking to its value and interest.

On October 31, Uncommon League founding member Vincent Mirabelli will host a workshop on how to improve your critical and creative thinking skills.

Agile Testing Days

Nov. 3-8, Potsdam, Germany

Join other agile professionals in Potsdam, Germany from Nov. 3-8 for Agile Testing Days. There are discounts for early-bird registry and for large teams who attend together. If you’re not familiar with this conference, you can look at previous speakers from the 2018 events and the topics covered then. The creators of this conference prioritize diversity, equality and a celebration of all things agile.

Agile + DevOps East

Nov. 3-8, Orlando

You can attend Agile + DevOps East in Orlando, Florida from Nov. 3-8 this year. The topics around this conference include scaling agile projects, continuous delivery and deployment, digital transformation and continuous integration. Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds so you can find those who have faced similar problems and learn how they developed solutions.

Building Business Capability

Nov. 11-15, Hollywood, Florida

We will be attending the Building Business Capability, which covers everything related to business process, analysis, management and development. There are 17 tracks to choose from with 130 sessions and 170 speakers. The sheer size of this conference means you can personalize it, from who you listen to and what concepts you focus on. On Nov. 11, Uncommon League founding member Vincent Mirabelli will give a talk on building and strengthening customer journeys.

Rockwell Automation Fair

Nov. 20-21, Chicago

From November 20-21 in Chicago, Illinoins, business process leaders can learn how they can transform their businesses using the latest technologies and development tools. The Automation Fair boasts more than 150 exhibits and 400 hours of education opportunities. The website is incredibly detailed with 2018 event highlights and session materials so you can see if this conference is a good fit for you and what you can expect to get from it.

BA World

Dec. 2-5, Chicago

To close out the calendar year, our team will be at BA World in Chicago at the beginning of December. Schedule and event details are still to be decided.

As with other PMBA Conferences, there will be several dozen excellent workshops and speakers. Sessions are accredited, so this will be a good conference to learn and get credit for new skills. We’ll look forward to seeing you in Chicago again this year.

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