Stop Apologizing for Your Questions

Stop Apologizing for Your Questions

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“Stop Apologizing for Your Work” is a great blog on influencing.  I encourage you to read it on It’s about saying “No” before the other person actually declines your question because you don’t believe you should have an answer.  When you ask a question, the person asked can simply decline to answer, answer your question or just tell you they don’t know.

Never apologize for asking the question.  You are a Business Analyst and asking questions is critical to your role.  You don’t have to apologize for asking a question.  Of course, there is a responsibility to ensure the question is well thought out and relevant. sgh 

Influencing without authority is an important skill in business analysis.  Bob the BA has several courses and workshops which help you the business analyst use influencing successfully for better requirements.  Check out the Bob the Blog and our web page for more information on Bob the BA where we help you think, learn and work differently.

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