Thanks for visiting Bob the BA at BBC 2015!

Business Analysis Training - Dogs Playing Poker

It was both humbling and amazing to present "Brushes With Greatness: The Power Of Project Management and Business Analysis Collaboration" to such a HUGE group of business analysts from all over the world.  Thanks for your patience with the room change, your willingness to go deep and learn, and for having some fun with me along the way.  And to those few people I almost ran over at the start I sincerely apologize! 
Brushes with Greatness Handout
If you weren't able to swing by the booth at BBC to pickup your handout from "Brushes with Greatness Collaboration" and "Badass BA Career Tips" click here to download it.   

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Ink and Paper
Ink on paper is a beautiful thing - even when my handwriting is horrible.  Unfortunately, our ink and paper little black book was not the most durable when encountering the elements and did not hold up very well.  Lesson learned: backing up hand written notebooks is a good idea.  We had a lot of great conversations with folks but your information may have been in that little black book that no longer exists.  If you haven't heard from us, please reach out to