Yoga and Business Analyst

So I’m watching Yoga (not actually doing Yoga mind you) when the word “flexible” got stuck in my head.  I suppose it got there by watching a bunch of folks twisting themselves up into some kind of pretzel position like dancing Shiva, simple peacock, tortoise, half cobra and downward facing dog, and me wondering how do they do that?  One thing is very clear to me - flexibility and agility are required in today’s business world as you never know what is going to be thrown at you.  I’m a trainer so my mind goes to training.  Is your training really flexible enough?

I don’t think it is.  Most training is inflexible – it requires you to be in a certain city at a certain time and comes with a big price tag.  That doesn’t seem flexible at all.  Why can’t training fit into your schedule more easily?  At Bob the BA we are thinking about training DIFFERENTLY and we have come up with some options for you.  

At Bob the BA our Virtual workshop subscriptions allow you to get the training you want with the most flexibility. 

Focused 2 hour sessions - workshops are scheduled every other week.  You should stop drinking from a fire hose and give yourself time to digest the skills and techniques presented in the workshops.  Learn by doing with downloadable examples, templates and materials in-between sessions.

Train on your schedule – attend the workshop live or download the workshop to watch on your schedule. 

Miss a workshop?  All our workshops are recorded and available to download later.

Need a refresher?   Play back the entire workshop or just the parts you need.

Affordable - prices that won’t break your bank.

Need a coach?  We provide group virtual mentoring and coaching to reinforce the learning and help you apply it back on the job.

Check out Bob the BA training today - learn more about virtual workshop subscriptions with Bob the BA.  Prefer to have Bob the BA onsite?  Bob the BA does onsite training too.  Contact find out more!