The Agile Project Manager (2-Day)


This 2-day course teaches the foundations of Agile ceremonies in multiple agile methodologies from a project management perspective. You will learn project management approaches, techniques and skills that can be applied in Scrum or hybrid environments. This highly interactive course will utilize exercises, in-depth discussions, and workshops in an Agile setting. This course starts from a business case or project charter, breaks that business case or project charter into smaller more agile projects or sprints, elaborate on multiple team structures, manage and integrate projects that are utilizing different methodologies, and communicating meaningful status metrics.

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Internationally Endorsed and Aligned with Best Practices

business analyst IIBA endorsed education provider

Bob the BA is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider.  This course is aligned with the BABOK 3.0.

Earn PDU / CDUs for both IIBA and PMI certification or recertification.


Our goal at Bob the BA is to help you think, learn and work differently so you can make an impact back on the job. If you always do what you have always done, you will end up right where you were before you were trained right?  We take a different approach because we know we learn best by doing and not through lecture. Our courses are always hands-on, practicing through exercises, activities, facilitated discussions, case studies, role play, workshops, printed materials and presentations.

Who Should Take This Course?

Project managers of various experience levels that wish to learn more about Agile and approaches to managing projects with multiple methodologies.


  • Understand Agile ceremonies, artifacts, and structure for Scrum, Kanban, SAFE Agile, and hybrid methodologies

  • Understand roles, responsibilities, and organizational hierarchy approaches to teams

  • Understanding the concept of experiential learning and how to use it to fail fast and fail safe

  • Levels of command and control 

  • Program Management: Approaches to managing multiple types of Agile simultaneously 

  • Managing the constraints of Scope, Schedule, Cost, Resource, Risk, Change, Communication, Quality Management, and Contracting

Course Topics

  • Agile Ceremonies, Artifacts, and Structure

    • Scrum

    • Kanban

    • SAFE Agile

    • Hybrid Methodologies

  • Understanding Team Member Roles

    • Scrum Master

    • Product Owner

    • Team Member

    • Quality and Testing

    • Business Analyst

    • Sponsors

    • Stakeholders

    • Business and System Architects

  • Organizational Hierarchy Approaches and Team Structures

  • Approaches to Project Leadership in Different Team Structures

  • Fail Fast – Fail Safe

    • Why Experiential Learning is the Corner Stone to Agile

    • Harness the Concept of Fail Fast

    • Fail Safe Approaches to Reduce Risk

  • Levels of Command and Control

  • Program Management

    • Working with Multiple Types of Projects Simultaneously

    • Break a Business Case into Multiple Projects

    • Establishing Reporting Metrics

  • Project Management for Agile

    • Scope Management 

    • Schedule Management Approaches

    • Cost Management Approaches

    • Resource Contingency and Management

    • Risk Mitigation and Management

    • Change Management

    • Release Management

    • Communication – Meaningful Reporting Metrics

    • Quality Planning and Management 

    • Contracting – Software and Services Acquisition


Paul Crosby headshot

Public Course Instructor - Paul has over 20 years of experience with global projects in the finance, insurance, state government, manufacturing and non-profit sectors as a business analyst and project manager. Paul served as President for the IIBA Minneapolis St Paul Chapter. Mr. Crosby has presented and lead workshops at several conferences including BA World Toronto, BA World Chicago, BA World Washington, BA World Vancouver, BA World New York, BA World Atlanta, IIBA Minneapolis-St Paul Chapter Meetings, Minnesota Government IT Symposium and Mind Surf Conference on the topics of Strategic Business Analysis, Leadership, Process Improvement, Kaizen for the BA, Strategic Enterprise Analysis, Project Management for the BA and Portfolio Management. Mr. Crosby is currently the CFO - Chief Paper Pusher for The League of Analysts Inc, a partner and founder of Bob the BA.